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Broad deployment of 5G networks is not expected until the 2020 timeframe, according to Sam Lucero, a senior principal analyst for M2M at IoT at IHS Markit.

But despite the lack of standards, a number of speakers at last month’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) Americas in San Francisco were more bullish on 5G and expectations for its rollout.  

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We expect 5G to come faster and be broader than originally thought,” said Rajeev Suri, president and CEO of Nokia. Suri said Nokia expects 5G networks to be deployed in 2019, with widespread trials next year.

Speakers at a panel about 5G — including the chief technology officers of the largest wireless carriers in the U.S. — spoke glowingly about the promise of 5G even as they acknowledged that much remains to be done before the technology is ready to deploy on a large scale.

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4G is like a really good rock band,” said Andre Feutsch, CTO at AT&T. 5G is like a finely tuned orchestra.” He added that he sees n 5G a tremendous opportunity for advancing and frankly making the network more relevant.”

From a network perspective, [5G] is an evolution,” said Gordon Mansfield, vice president of RAN and device design at AT&T. However, from a capability perspective it will be a revolution as it unfolds.”

MC12FA181F-F_Datasheet PDF

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Liu and Wei both have been deeply involved in TSMC’s strategies and operations for a long time,” Bernstein analyst Mark Li said in an Oct. 2 report. They have also been working together as co-CEOs for nearly four years since late 2013. We thus don’t see today’s [Monday’s] appointments triggering any major strategic shifts immediately.”

Liu and Wei have credentials on a par with those of the 86-year-old Morris Chang, who rose to the top-three position at Texas Instruments decades ago and received a Ph.D in electrical engineering before moving to Taiwan and helping start the island’s semiconductor industry from scratch.

Liu, who is 63, first joined TSMC in 1993 as an engineering manager and rejoined TSMC in 2000 when he was president of Worldwide Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp., which was acquired by TSMC. He has overseas experience, having worked for AT&T Bell Laboratories and Intel in the U.S. Liu has a Ph.D in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Wei, who is 65, joined TSMC in 1998 after leaving his position as senior vice president of technology at Chartered Semiconductor in Singapore. He has a Ph.D in electrical engineering from Yale University.

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